The OKR Maturity Model will show you what a mature OKR process looks like and act as a guide to help you create this in your organization. This tool is for businesses to assess their current program maturity, in order to plan a path of upward progression. Join OKR experts and Intel alumni Howard Jacob and James Cape and Ally’s Jes Baum in a three-part series on how to develop a mature OKR program. 

Each webinar in this 3-part series is geared towards one of the three phases it takes to adopt a fully mature OKR process.

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Creating The Right Culture Through Mission, Vision, and Values
Available On-Demand

In the first webinar of this series, you will learn:

  • How to connect the business mission to long-term outcomes, purpose, culture, and direction
  • Establishing a shared belief system
  • Why OKRs are a great vehicle for success
  • Natural progression from goal-setting to strategy execution
  • Creating an organizational foundation for OKR success

Breaking Down the OKR Maturity Model
Available On-Demand

In the second webinar of this series, you will learn:

  • The five levels of OKR maturity and the approach at each stage
  • Which characteristics do early-stage programs lack vs. later stage
  • Who and what drives OKR program maturity 
  • How to accelerate your program growth
  • What role does an OKR tool play in establishing OKR maturity 

How To Support an Upward OKR Journey
Available On-Demand

In the third and final installment of this series, you will learn:

  • How to support an upward OKR journey 
  • Defining the rhythm of the business 
  • How to take a phased approach
  • Characteristics of all great OKR programs
  • Why executive sponsorship matters 

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James Cape, Managing Partner, Matrix Solutions

James Cape is an accomplished OKR expert, business consultant, and strategic advisor working in the Silicon Valley tech industry. The early part of his career was spent at Intel Corporation, where he gained broad OKR experience under the guidance of former CEO Andy Grove. Upon leaving Intel, James formed Matrix Solutions LLC; a consulting practice focused on serving leading technology companies in a variety of operational and strategic functions. He was a principal consultant at Rohner & Associates, the leading channel strategy consultancy in Silicon Valley.

James later joined InterAct as Senior Vice President of Planning and Process, where he focused on correcting primary operational and management challenges impeding the company’s growth. After a successful InterAct exit, James re-formed Matrix Solutions as Managing Partner and since re-joined Rohner and Associates as a principal consultant. He currently serves as a strategic advisor to the CEOs and Board of Directors for Noregon and Musketeer.

Howard Jacob, President, Intel Alumni Network

Howard is a seasoned technical sales, marketing, and strategic business development professional with over 35 years of experience, preceded by 10 years of system, hardware, and software architecture and design experience, with proven results as both a senior leader and individual contributor. He is currently the President of the Intel Alumni Network and has served on their Board of Directors for the last six years.

His 33 years of experience at Intel working within the strong OKR culture of Andy Grove has enabled him to both accelerate and enhance the success of his subsequent companies and the entrepreneurs he currently advises in early and growth stage startups. As an advisor, he helps them to articulate and/or refine their strategic mission, vision, and values, and then operationalize them through embracing and Implementing the OKR methodology.

Jes Baum, Director of Product Marketing, Ally

Jes Baum is the Director of Product Marketing for Ally, where she focuses on educating business leaders and their teams on how to adopt and mature their OKR program successfully. With 13 years of experience in B2B SaaS, e-learning, compliance, and training, Jes has built a career around helping businesses better understand how to break down complex processes and put them into action.

Throughout her career, she has successfully implemented and rolled out business initiatives and employee training programs at both early-stage starts and larger enterprises. With this experience, Jes can provide valuable insight into how organizations can develop, implement, rollout, train, and support the success of their new initiative.